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DUI Programs and Classes

Certified and Listed on the Georgia Department of Driver Services' Website |  We Accept Credit Cards

DUI School in Athens, GA

After Hours DUI is a state-licensed, certified, and bonded DUI school in Athens, GA. In business for over 10 years, we offer fast and friendly service to clients. We aim to provide helpful resources to individuals and ensure all of their needs are met.

Contact us to learn more about our driving courses, weekly AA meetings, and more. We offer affordable pricing and can come up with a payment plan to fit your budget.

Driving Courses

Driving Courses

Clinical Evaluations

Clinical Evaluations

Interlock Installations

Interlock Installations

Schedule for Defensive driving 

October 2020

Wednesday, October 7, 6pm-9pm
Thursday, October 8, 6pm-9pm

Wednesday, October 14, 6pm-9pm
Thursday, October 15, 6pm-9pm

Wednesday, October 21, 6pm-9pm
Thursday, October 22, 6pm-9pm

Wednesday, October 28, 6pm-9pm
Thursday, October 29, 6pm-9pm

November 2020

Wednesday, November 4, 6pm-9pm
Thursday, November 5, 6pm-9pm

Wednesday, November 11, 6pm-9pm
Thursday, November 12, 6pm-9pm

Wednesday, November 18, 6pm-9pm
Thursday, November 19, 6pm-9pm

Wednesday, November 26, 6pm-9pm
Thursday, November 27, 6pm-9pm

December 2020

Wednesday, December 2, 6pm-9pm
Thursday, December 3, 6pm-9pm

Wednesday, December 9, 6pm-9pm
Thursday, December 10, 6pm-9pm

Wednesday, December 16, 6pm-9pm 
Thursday, December 17, 6pm-9pm

Wednesday, December 30, 6pm-9pm
Thursday, December 31, 6pm-9pm

Schedule for DUI/Risk Reduction Course 

October 2020

Saturday, October 3, 9am-6pm
Sunday, October 4, 9am-6pm
Monday, October 5, 6pm-10pm

Saturday, October 10, 9am-6pm
Sunday, October 11, 9am-6pm
Monday, October 12, 6pm-10pm

Saturday, October 17, 9am-6pm 
Sunday, October 18, 9am-6pm 
Monday, October 19, 9pm-10pm

Saturday, October 24, 9am-6pm
Sunday, October 25, 9am-6pm 
Monday, October 26, 6pm-10pm

Saturday, October 31, 9am-6pm
Sunday, November 1, 9am-6pm
Monday, November 2, 6pm-10pm

November 2020

Saturday, November 7, 9am-6pm
Sunday, November 8, 9am-6pm
Monday, November 9, 6pm-10pm

Saturday, November 14, 9am-6pm
Sunday, November 15, 9am-6pm
Monday, November 16, 6pm-10pm

Saturday, November 21, 9am-6pm
Sunday, November 22, 9am-6pm
Monday, November 23, 6pm-10pm

Saturday, November 28, 9am-6pm
Sunday, November 29, 9am-6pm
Monday, November 30, 6pm-10pm

December 2020

Saturday, December 5, 9am-6pm
Sunday, December 6, 9am-6pm
Monday, December 7, 6pm-10pm

Saturday, December 12, 9am-6pm
Sunday, December 13, 9am-6pm
Monday, December 14, 6pm-10pm

Saturday, December 19, 9am-6pm
Sunday, December 20, 9am-6pm
Monday, December 21, 6pm-10pm

Saturday, December 26, 9am-6pm
Sunday, December 27, 9am-6pm
Monday, December 28, 6pm-10

Call us to learn more about our 20-hour DUI/Risk Reduction Course.
(706) 389-1253


(706) 389-1253

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(678) 373-3026

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday,
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Service Area
Athens, GA, and the Surrounding Areas

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Now Offering 
Virtual/Online DUI
and Defensive Driving Classes

DUI Certification #10031 | Defensive Driving Certification #DI-2100